Introductory Questions

  • 1. Jess Ewald, Communication Design and Marketing, Junior.

  • 2. I am a design student and it is required, but I also have always wanted to learn hmtl and basic coding.

  • 3. I have no experience with HTML/CSS/JS.

  • 4. I hope to become relatively familiar with HTML/CSS/JS so I can determine if web design is something I am interested in pursuing in the future.

  • 5. On web, the design has to be functional and interactive, not just look nice.

  • 6. This website has great design to me because it is simple and modern as well as easy to navigate. The moving elements make it engaging and I think it has great layout.

  • 7. This webstite has done a great job with communication by creating an interactive way to scroll though site and using a diagram format to easily explain their purpose.

  • 8. It is fun to scroll through and is very colorful with great typography and illustration mixed in.